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Personal computer and personal freedom in information society

The person possessing personal computer (PPC) as though possesses maximal information freedom. PPC can contact any another PPC almost at any time and in any point of space, receive through the Internet any information, any knowledge and take part in any democratic procedure. But PPC can do it under three conditions:
1. The person has access to the Internet. In the certain sense already now the person has all freedoms, only if he has such access;
2. The person can receive through the Internet only that information and that knowledge which have been entered into the Internet;
3. The person can take part only in that democratic procedure which is stipulated or accepted for the Internet.
These three conditions determine three restrictions of a personal freedom in information society:
1. In an information society the person can be considered and really is the person, only if he is PPC. In fact if he is not PPC he actually has not can not to have a freedom of the information and all other freedoms (rights). Some authors write already about a new line of social division between people with a personal computer (PC) and all others. In other words, having created PC, the person has created the new technical precondition of split of a society.
2. The new knowledge finally is got not in the Internet, but in laboratories, expeditions, in minds of scientists at last. If someone will close these real sources of knowledge or will close the channel of transfer of the information and knowledge to the Internet no new knowledge will be there.
3. As a result of democratic procedure in the Internet the decisions do not make yet concerning to processes and people in reality. In other words, democracy of the Internet can be the valid democracy when it is the authority of association of free individuals in reality, and not only in the Internet

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