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Фицпатрик Анна
Federation of American Scientists,Strategic Security Project, acbfitzpatrick@yahoo.com

Information Technology Policy for the Former Soviet Nations

No other technology is having as big an influence on our lives today as the vast and overwhelming array of technological artifacts, computers, networks, and means of communication that comprise information technology, or IT. From the Washington, DC political arena to governments worldwide, policy makers are struggling to keep up with, anticipate, and formulate the ways in which governments formulate public policy on science and technology. Among the most challenging problems, the IT industry is growing so fast that governments are having an enormously difficult time projecting technological trajectories and trends, and have trouble establishing policies that conform to the pattern of enterprises in this industry.

How are these factors affecting IT growth, development, and investment in the former Soviet Union, where an educated workforce and new generation of talented individuals are becoming part of the global work force? How can Russia and the former Soviet nations best adapt to these trends and influence them in ways that benefit their own countries? Can lessons be learned from India’s experience with the IT industry?

This panel will address these questions and a number of other related concerns in the realm of IT that are of particular interest to Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Confirmed Panelists are listed in the Co-author section below. Two other participants, one from private industry and one from India, have been invited but have not confirmed their participation on this panel.