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National Technical University of Ukraine, , zgur@zgurov.kiev.ua

Development of educational and research segment of information society in Ukraine


Prof. Mikhail Zgurovsky,
National Technical University of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute
37 Peremogy ave.
03056 Ukraine

During the time passing the Genevas WSIS-2003 and Tuniss WSIS-2005 Ukraine has made some steps in the direction of creating of the information society. This aim was recognized as one of priorities of the state. First of all, a number of the related laws were adopted. Among them the Order of the President of Ukraine, more than 30 legislations and laws, the State program Information and communication technologies (ICT) in education and science for 2006-2010.

The educational and research segment is one of the most important elements of the information society. The main objectives of this segment are: - Creation of Grid-infrastructure for supports of education and research and Infrastructural development of the Ukrainian research and academic network and integration it to the European networks GEANT and GEANT.

The largest components of the Grid-infrastructure for support of education and research are: the Ukrainian Research and Academic Network, the system of distance learning, distributed information resources in education and science, electronic libraries and the administrative and educational system, named Osvita. Grid-infrastructure provides the Ukrainian universities, research centers and virtual laboratories by the information and required computational resources. At the Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine two cluster architecture supercomputers (CAS 1 and CAS 2) have been developed and put into operation. On the second stage they planed to be connected to the Ukrainian Grid-infrastructure by the research and academic networks. It will allow research centers and universities from different regions of Ukraine to be connected to these supercomputers for solving problems with great volume of computations.

In conclusion, an example of using the Ukrainian research and educational Grid-infrastructure for solving problems of ecological monitoring and telemedicine support for the Chernobyl nuclear power plant area was considered. The purpose of the monitoring system is the analysis of health of various professional groups, taking into account the risk factors. It will make possible to work out individual programs of improving the health recovery. Highly qualified medical personnel in the field of medicine make the distance analysis of the data, obtained on each patient and work out recommendation on prevention and treatment.

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