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Tomas Jimenez Lopez
Univertsity of Information Sciences,President Board, Advisor tlopezj@uci.cu

Some results or the cooperation between Soviets and Cubans organization from 1973 to 1989.

In the 1972 year Cuba became member of the COMECOM. The Soviet Union organized the cooperation between the COMECOM countries in the Computing Sciences and Industries fields by means of the International Comission for the Computing Techniques (MPK po BT).

From the 1973 hear the Cuban ICID developed some joint projects with the Soviet INEUM and other Soviet institutions. In the present paper are described the main developed projects that were part of the SM-MCE (Small Systems of Electronics Computing Machines - Minicomputers Systems). Some minicomputers (SM -3 and SM-4), video displays and keyboards. Also are included some software products, specially a Cuban developed COBOL compyler for the Soviets SM - 3 and SM -4 that were supplied to Finlandia.