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Хрящев Владимир Вячеславович
Ярославский государственный университет им. П.Г. Демидова,кафедра динамики электронных систем, старший преподаватель dcslab@uniyar.ac.ru

PICLAB – The laboratory of nonlinear image processing algorithms

In view of the expansion of digital image processing applications (telecommunications, digital video, radio-astronomy, medicine images, etc.), the actual problem is to design software packages for solving scientific and practical tasks and also for training specialists in this sphere. At the same time growing complexity of the modern nonlinear algorithms requires new, more illustrative methods for their visualizations.
To perform scientific and practical tasks and also for educational purposes the digital image processing software package PICLAB (“PICture LABoratory”) was designed. The important feature of the PICLAB is the possibility to analysis image from different points of view, both from objective estimates (like signal/noise ratio, mean square error etc.), and also from visual criteria. The paper will give the overview of PICLAB and it’s scientific and educational applications.