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$l_name $f_name $s_name
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"; $sql2= "SELECT p_title FROM ABSTRACT where id=$id"; $stmt2 = OCIParse($cursor2, $sql2); OCIExecute($stmt2); if (OCIFetch($stmt2)) { $p_title = stripslashes(OCIResult($stmt2, 1)); echo "$p_title

"; } $conn = OCILogon('sorucom', 'elibrary', 'dba.petrsu.ru/dba'); // Delete any existing CLOB so the query at the bottom // displays the new data // Now query the uploaded CLOB and display it $query = "SELECT C2 FROM abstract WHERE id = $id"; $stmt = OCIParse ($conn, $query); OCIExecute($stmt, OCI_DEFAULT); OCIFetchInto($stmt, $arr, OCI_ASSOC); $result = $arr['C2']->load(); //$result = $arr['C2']->load(); echo $result=stripslashes(nl2br($result)); echo "
"; OCIFreeStatement($stmt); OCILogoff($conn); ?>