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Przhiyalovskiy Victor
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Industry Development of Computer Engineering Means in Byelorussia SSR

In 60s of the last century a complex of enterprises that produced more than 65 % of soviet universal computers like Mainframe grew in Byelorussia.

Such rapid growth of computer production and enterprises themselves became possible as a result of a number of measures that were held by Minsk plant managers, technical subdivisions and the staff of SIIECM. These measures were supported by the officials of BSSR and the Ministry of Radio Industry of USSR.

An important point in the large scale production of computers is the development of models that were popular among users and that had technological construction that met with the requirements of the production.

Basic organizational and technical measures that were held by Minsk plant after G.K. Ordzhenikidze in the purpose of the computer production growth are pointed in the report. Architecture and constructive technological peculiarities of computers Minsk-XX and EC-10XX are given here. The computers are produced by Minsk enterprise of computer technology.

Comparative data of computer production by Minsk enterprise of computer technology and other plants of Ministry of Radio Industry are given here