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School of academician S.A.Lebedev. First steps of automation of the computer design

In the end of the fiftieth years, alreadythe creation of such computers asBESM and BESM-2, academician S.A.Lebedev made a sketch in his working writing-books of some important problems of designing of future computers, which could not be solved without the application of the computers themselves.

These problems were the following: the modeling of the general logic structure of the projected computer, as a special system of mass service; emulation of the command system of the projected machine on the basis of existing computers and a number of technical problems. S.A.Lebedevym tried not only to draw the tasks, but also to specify the possible methods of their solving.

So he offered to use statistical model of the program, which made it possible to receive estimations of productivity of the projected machine while running it with a limited time of separate operations performance. Subsequently, the close technique was successfully at the creation of legendary BESM-6.

S.A.Lebedev paid great attention to the role of discrete mathematics in the field of technical computer design. When the development of machines on integrated schemes and printed-circuit-boards was started, academician S.A.Lebedev, as the main designer, set an example of a deep analyst when choosing the scientifically proved constructive decisions. During the creation of a real time computer complex 5E26 he was not afraid to make some essential corrections to the design in the middle of process of the project fulfillment,when the mathematical forecast of some parameters of a design became possible.

Such position had greatly defined the atmosphere and efforts, which were focused on the development in ITM and VT through system of the automated design, which lately became the base at the creation of super computer "Elbrus".