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3 July, Monday
9:00 am-3:00 pm
3:00 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel;
The University Hall, PetrSU
1:00 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel
1:30 pm
Departure for the Plenary Session
transport is provided
The Tour around Petrozavodsk State University
2:30 pm
The Folk Ensemble “ Toive” Performance (PetrSU)
The Hall of PetrSU
3:00-4:45 pm
The Opening of the Conference
The Plenary Meeting (the chairperson - V.P.Ivannikov
(Institute of System Programming, RAS)
3:00 pm Ya. A. Khetagurov (MIPI)
Some Issues of thePhilosophy of Computer Development
3:35 pm. V.P. Ivannikov (Institute of System Programming, RAS)
Current Problemsof System Programming
4:00 pm Z.L. Rabinovich (Glushkov’s Institute of Cybernetics, the Ukraine)
On thePioneer Developments at the Lebedev’s Kijev Laboratory of
Glushkov’s Cybernetics Institute and Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine SSR
4:45- 5:00 pm
Coffee break
5:00-6:30 pm
Plenary Session (the chairperson - Y.A. Khetagurov)
The Hall of PetrSU
5:00 pm L.N. Korolev The Programming Influence on the Architecture of the Computing Systems (from the Past to the Future)
5:20 pm T.M. Alexandridi, U.A. Bazhenova, U.V.  Rogachev.
The First Computers Developed at Isaac S. Brook Laboratory (M-1, M-2, M-3)
5:45 pm U.V. Rogachev The Four Computer Generations of Kartsev’s Computers (M-4, M-4-2M, M-10, M-13)
6:10 pm N.S. Ruzanova Computers in the Republic of Karelia
6:30 pm
Rector’s Office
8:00 pm
“FM” restaurant
4 July, Tuesday
9:00 am-3:00 pm
The Registration of the Participants
The “Karelia” Hotel
10:00 am -12.00
The Plenary Session (the chairperson - N.P. Brusentsov)
The “Karelia” Hotel
10:00 am V.V. Przhyalkovsky (RDCC)
 The History of the United System Computer “ ” Development
10:20 am N.P. Brusentsov (MSU)
Ternary Computers “Setun” and “Setun 70”
10:40 am Y.A. Khetagurov
The Stages of the Development of the Russian Special Computers (1955–1988)
11:00 am Yu.N. Nikolskaya (Institute of Computer Science, RAS)
The Creation of the Anti-missile Defense System and Super Computer (based on V.S. Burtsev’s presentation)
11:20 am V. Bikov (Head of Representation IBM East Europe/Asia in the North-West Region
The Role of the Innovations in the Technologies and Business
11:00 am
The VIT- center meeting
(according to a special program)
PetrSU, the Rector’s Office
12:00-1:45 pm
Poster Session Presentations
The “Karelia” Hotel, near the conference hall
12:00-12:15 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel
12:15-1:45 pm
Round Table Talk “Two approaches to Computer Education: East and West” (The Chairperson - John Impagliazzo)
The “Karelia” Hotel
Impagliazzo John (PhD, Professor of the Hofstra University (New-York, the USA), the Head of the group TC-9 of International Federation for Information Processing)
Comparative Computing Education: East and West
East Perspective:
V.P. Ivannikov (ISPRASDirector)
I. Agamirzian (Strategic Technology Officer, Microsoft Russia/ CIS)
West Perspective:
Eric Roberts (Chair, ACM Education Board (Stanford University))
Klaus Brunnstein (President of IFIP (Hamburg University))
Other Participants
Session 1 (the chairperson - A.G. Marchuk)
Session 2 (the chairperson - A.N. Tomilin)
Session 3 (the chairperson - I.V. Retinskaya
Discussion Group 1
«Distance Learning (DL) for High School Students: Problems and Solutions»
( Head - V. P. Kulagin)
3:00-4:45 pm
3:00-4:45 pm
3:00-4:45 pm
3:00-4:45 pm
The “Karelia” hotel
The “Karelia” hotel
Room 138, PetrSU
Room 239, PetrSU
3:00 pm V.B. Karpova
The History of Creating “BESM” – the First Computer Developed at Lebedev’s Institute of Accurate Mechanics and Computational Engineering)
3:00 pm F. Nebeker
The Significance of Verbal History in Computer Development Research in Soviet Union
3:00 pm O.V. Parakhina
Computer Education Evolution for the Period of 40 Years
V.P. Kulagin
3:25 pm V.I.. Smirnov
The BC-6 Development
3:25 pm A.N. Tomilin
Operating Systems of Multi Computer Information-computation complex AS-6
3:25 pm . I.V. Retinskaya
Computer Educational Technologies for the Technical Institutions of Higher Education since the 70-is of the Last Century through Present Days
O.Yu. Derbeneva
The Significance of DL for the High School Students in Karelia
3:50 pm G.A. Oganyan
The Family of Small-sized Computers “Nairi”
3:50 pm A.G. Marchuk
The Siberian School of the Academician A. P. Yershov
3:45 pm A.V. Sokolov
Computer Science Teaching to the Students of Math Faculty of Petrozavodsk University
A.I. Nazarov
New Technologies for Teaching Physics to High School Students
4:20 pm K. Tatarchenko
 The History of Soviet-French Cooperation in the Field of Computer Technologies
4:20 pm I.A. Kraineva
The Academician A. P. Yershov and his Archive
4:20 pm L.V.. Gorodnyaya "Shkolnitsa" - an Application Package for Automation of School Educational Process
E.I. Shlyakova
Distance Learning Course: «Democracy: the State and the Society»
4:45-5:00 pm
The Karelia Hotel,
Sesson 1
Session 2
Session 3
Discussion Group 1
«Distance Learning (DL) for High School Students: Problems and Solutions»
5:00-6:30 pm
5:00-6:30 pm
5:00-6:30 pm
5:00-6:30 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel
The “Karelia” Hotel
Room 138, PetrSU
Room 239, PetrSU
5:00 pm A.G. Marchuk Temporary Research-Engineering Team START
5:00 pm V.N. Kasyyanov A. P. Yershov and Graphs in Programming
5:00 pm T.I.. Tikhonova
The Novosibirsk Schools of Young Programmers
E.E. Slabunova
DL Educational Resources for High School Students
5:25 pm A. Bers
The Work Station “Mramor”
5:25 pm I.P. Agamirzyan
S. S. Lavrov and the History of Programming in the USSR
5:25 pm.. Rogov
Information Technologies for Administration the Research Activities of High School Students
V.P. Kulagin
The Project “The Internet for Specialized Education in a High School”
T.I. Agarkova T.I.
The Project “The Internet for Specialized Education in a High School in the Republic of Karelia»
5:50 pm A.I. Galushkin
Transputer Systems - the Beginning of Computers with Massive Parallelism in Russia.
5:50 pm V.V. Lipayev
The History of Domestic Programming for Specialized Computers
5:50 pm A.U.  Jarmyhametov The Concept of Educational Net Creation for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan
N.V. Khrustaleva IntermediateDiagnostic Results of ICT-competence of High School Students and Staff
6:10 pm Yu. S. Vladimirova Ternary Dialectic Computer Science
6:45 pm
Tour around the City of Petrozavodsk
The bus will be waiting for you at the place of the conference.
5 July, Wednesday
Tentative since 11:30 am till 6:00 pm
The Trip to KiziIsland
6 July, Thursday
10:00 am -12:00
Plenary Session (Chairperson – L.B. Malinovsky)
The Karelia”Hotel
10:00 am V.N. Zakharov, J.A. Lavrenuk
The Concept of New Generation of Computers – the large Major Initiative of the Socialist Countries in the Field of Computers and Information – a Glance 20 Years Later
10:30 am N.L. Prohorov, G.A. Yegorov
The History of Control Computer Systems Development “ ”
11:00 am V.P. Shirikov Distributed Systems for Data Processing
11:30 am L. B. Malinovsky
Information Technologies in the Ukraine. The Present State and Perspectives
12:00-12:15 pm
Coffee- break
The “Karelia” Hotel
12:15-1:45 pm
Plenary Session
The “Karelia” Hotel
12.00. J.V Karpilovich., O.I. Semenkov
The History of Computer Development in Belarus
12:20 pm Ya.I. Fet J.
Development of Computer Science in Siberia
12:40 pm M.E. Smolevitskaya
The Fund Collection: “ Electronic Digital Computers” in the Polytechnic Museum
1:05 pm N.V. Chechel
Research Work in the Field of History of Computers in the Polytechnic Museum
1:25 pm E.M. Projdakov
Virtual Computer Museum
2:.00-2:45 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel
Session 1
(Chairperson– I.M. Lisovskiy)
Session 2
(Chairperson – V.N. Kasyanov)
Discussion Group 2
 “Digital Educational Resources”
(The Head is Y. G. Gridina)
The “Karelia” Hotel
The “Karelia” Hotel
Petrozavodsk State University
3:00 pm I.M. Lisovskiy
Special Computers Used for C 300 Pointing Systems
3:00 pm A. Nitusov  
The Post-War Computer Development in Socialist Countries – members of COMECON
E.G. Gridina
Opening address
3:30 pm V.I. Shteinberg
 “Argon” BDC during the Forty Years Development Complex Big
3:20 pm T. J. Lopez
A Few Accomplishments of a Joint Cooperation Work Between the Institutions of the Soviet Union and Cuba (1973-1989)
E.E. Slabunova
Digital Educational Resources Introduction into Education as a Trend of Education Informatization
3:55 pm R. Ya. Papa
The Power of Cisco Systems Net Technologies
4:00 pm Yu. Ye. Polyak
The History of Computers and Computations in Virtual Museums.
E.I. Shlyakova
High School Teachers’ Motivation for Digital Educational Resources
4:20 pm V. N. Kasyanov
Virtual Museum of the History of Computer Science in Siberia
4:45 –5:00 pm
Session 1
Session 2
(Chairperson – B.N. Matyukhin)
Discussion Group 2
“Digital Educational Resources”
5:00-6:30 pm
5:00-6:30 pm
5:00-6:30 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel
The “Karelia” Hotel
Room 221, Petrozavodsk State University
5:00 pm. A.. Galushkin
 Neural Computer Development in Russia.
5:00 pm M. Zgurovsky
Educational and Research Sectors Development in Information Space in the Ukraine
A.I. Nazarov
Digital Educational Resources for the Course of Physics in High School
5:15 pm M. Sh. Badrutdinova
Main Landmarks in the History of Computers through the History of the Kazan Computer Plant
5:25 pm M. B. Ignatyev
Recursive Computer System Development – History and Perspectives
5:30 pm B. N. Matyukhin
From the History of the CAD Development in Research and Development Center of Electronic Computers
Ye. G. Gridina
Creation of the Digital Educational Resources Storage
6:00 pm Robert Teller
Economics of Information Technologies: Operations, Investment, and Strategy
5:50 pm Zoya D. Alekseeva
Algorithmic Computer
6:20 pm M. B. Konashev
Personal Computer and Personal Freedom in the “Information Society”
L. V. Solovova
The Problems of Teaching Materials Creation for Profile Computer Science Learning with the Help of the Internet
6:35 pm. A. Zemlyak
Principal Aspects of Methodology System Development in a minimum time
7 July, Friday
10:00 am-12:00
Plenary Session (Chairperson – N.S. Ruzanova)
The “Karelia” Hotel
10:00 am V. S. Krivoruchenko
Distributed Automatization Systems for Aerodynamic Research
10:25 am G. B. Yefimov
The History of Development and Use of Computer Algebra in the Keldysh’s Institute of Applied Mathematics of RAS
10:45 am V. P. Klimanov
Providing of Reliability of Automatizied Information Systems on the Base of the Net Server Clasterization 10.45.
11:05 am V. Smirnov
Construction of Modern Data Storage Systems on the Base of IBM System Storage
12:00-12:15 pm
Coffee- break
The “Karelia” Hotel
12:15-1:45 pm
Plenary Session
The “Karelia” Hotel
12:15 pm N. A. Lukin
Functional-oriented Processors for the Real Time Systems
12:45pm. Y. A. Bogoyavlensky
Education of Information and Communication Technology on the Base of Russian State Educational Standard “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”
1:15 pm   A. Ya. Krasnov.
The History of the Modern stage of Informatization for Education
2:00-3:00 pm
The “Karelia” Hotel
3:15 pm
Closing Ceremony
The “Karelia” Hotel