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Fishing on the Onego Lake

Fishing on the steam-ship "ENGINEER NARIN"

Fishing on the best vessel, with the best captain and a command!


- Two cabins "lux" with double sofas and individual convenience

- One double cabin, other cabins -and four-seater with convenience in a corridor

- A room for rest on 20 person

- A banquet hall on 30 person

- A sauna on 4-5 person

Quantity of berths by the steam-ship - 26 person.

Fishing by steam-ship ""

The guaranteed fishing on the Onega and Ladoga lakes in 2005.

Steam-ship "" (a class of a vessel - "About").

The certificate on property right 11 001261.

The license for industrial fishery 005977.

Length of 21 m, width - 4 m. Speed - 20 km/h.

Capacity - 10 - 12 person.

The guarantee of safety of rest, fishing is provided.

The steam-ship has the newest navigating equipment: a radar, "Furuno", , a portable radio set "Motorola". Saving means - according to requirements of the register, and also inflatable boat BRIG with motor YAMAHA 20, a plastic boat IT with the motor 5 /with.

Conditions for transportation of tourists:

1 cabin: two-story execution, a bowl, hot and cold water.

1 cabin: a double bed, a bowl, hot and cold water.

1 cabin on 6 person: two-story execution (here cabins - the company, TV).

1 cabin: two single beds.

Kitchen for cooking, a gas cooker, a refrigerator, the freezing chamber, utensils for the ship and green parking. A toilet, a shower.

For productive leisure: tents, sleeping bags, fishing accessories (networks, fishing tackles, spinnings, the adaptation for ). A mangal, , a grill, a samovar. Two open decks with the complete set of furniture.