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One-day rafting along river Shuya

The most popular route of productive leisure in Karelia.

Absolutely safe, full of emotions and impressions rest on one of the most beautiful rivers of Karelia - the river Shuya (a site of the river of 8 km. From the place Yumanishki up to the place Polovina, 3 thresholds 1-2- categories of complexity).

Restrictions on age are not present.

- Unforgettable beauty of the Karelian nature. A tape of the river that slow a high-speed streamer runs pine pine forests, birchwoods, steep coast and the well-known Karelian rocks. Pure air and water during all way turn a head, forcing to forget about problems and cares of a city life.


Petrozavodsk - an alloy - picnic - Petrozavodsk - 5,5 - 6 hours.