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Trip to the Kivach waterfall

In 1714 the worker of a factory Ivan Reboev, who suffered intimate pains, has found in Ravboloto an unusual source. As the legend speaks " he has been drinking water for three days and has recovered ". The message about the source has reached the tsar - Peter I! He has for a long time dreamed of a Russian resort in order not to go to Europe and to protect " tsar's coin " - and here is the message from the Karelian backwoods... After careful studying of the source it has been testified, that there is a lot of iron in the water. Later the resort has been named in honour of Mars - the god of war and iron - Marts waters. In January, 1719 the tsar visited the place. And a memory of that staying is the church of sacred apostle Peter. It has been constructed in 1721 under the project and drawings of the tsar, who at that time took a great interest in western architecture, and is completely not similar to wooden chapels and churches of Obonezhje. Not without reason local residents named it "a foreigner".

Peter the Great visited the resort four times, and the action of a unique water was so salutarily, that Peter the Great has presented to commandant of Olonets Villim Gennin the portrait showered with brilliants.

During the Soviet time in 1964 on a place of the first Russian resort the sanatorium " Marts Waters " has been opened.

Kivach, perhaps, the most well-known reserve in Karelia, though borrows only 10460 hectares. It is a natural model of the region since all variety of the karelian nature here is reflected - a radical taiga, pine forests, fir groves. The heart of a reserve is a well-known waterfall ivach. One of the largest valley falls of Europe is located on the river Suna. The height of falling water in this place is equaled to 11 meters. Sharply falling downwards, the river extorts a powerful rumble. Kivach is beautiful at any time of the year.